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June 2016 - A New Youtube Channel, Independence Day: Resurgence, The Nice Guys, and The Secret Life of Pets

Hi Everyone,

As you may or may not know; I've started a YouTube channel showing trailers for the movies released in the UK each month. It's called Mal's HD Movie Trailers. Although it's in its infancy at the moment, I hope it will grow into a resource people think it worth while to subscribe to and use on a regular basis. As it's so brand new – it's currently a bit hard to find. But here is the link to my channel page where – at time of writing – I have the glorious total of 1 subscriber (which isn't me, by the way). lol. Of course, (apart from zero), that's how every single YouTube creator ever to begin a page started. Can you help me grow this number? 

Because I'm a bit shy, I used a (perhaps?) reasonably life-like female voice in my intro video - rather than my own. On a whim, I selected an American accent. I like American accents. Hope it's not so weird that it puts people off - rather than encouraging them to sign up. lol. Anyhow, now it's up and running, I hope to overhaul the page with some nice playlists and additional sections soon. 


There are some big films opening in June 2016 in the United Kingdom; though not as many as I would have thought. Thankfully the likes of X-Men: Apocalypse, Captain America: Civil War, Zootropolis, and The Jungle Book etc. are still in theatres. And Alice Through the Looking Glass, Warcraft, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows have only opened recently. I caught Our Kind of Traitor a few weeks ago – and that's worth a look too; as is Money Monster.

Top of the pile of the June releases is undoubtedly Independence Day: Resurgence. I don't know if we really need another Independence Day movie – but it should be good fun. I am hearing good things about The Nice Guys – with some critics gushing that this Shane Black crime comedy is (almost) on a par with his 2005 classic Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. That remains to be seen – and it looks as if it has a few moments not for the squeamish. There are plenty of mid-range movies - as you will see from the newsletter. For younger audiences we have the UK release of Illumination's The Secret Life of Pets.

Here's a playlist link if you'd like to see trailers for this month's major UK releases:-

Independence Day: Resurgence - © 2016 20th Century Fox

The Nice Guys - © 2016 Icon Pictures

The Secret Life of Pets - © 2016 Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures

Here's a list of the major films released in the UK in June 2016:- Elvis & Nixon, Gods of Egypt, Independence Day: Resurgence, Learning to Drive, Me before You, Race, Mother's Day, Tale of Tales, The Boss, The Conjuring 2, The Nice Guys, and The Secret Life of Pets.

The films only showing in certain “key cities” or which are generally regarded as being “limited releases” include:- Housefull 3, The Measure of a Man, Versus: The Life and Films of Ken Loach, Embrace of the Serpent, Fire at Sea, Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story), Cemetery of Splendour, Long Way North, Adult Life Skills, Crazy About Tiffany's, Remainder, and Suburra.

A number of limited releases have nevertheless been given their own little spot in the June 2016 newsletter, and these are:- Barbershop 3: The Next Cut, Holding the Man, Ma ma, Miracles from Heaven, Misconduct, Only Yesterday, The Girl King, The Keeping Room, When Marnie Was There, and Where to Invade Next.

Please note that (not in the magazine but on certain websites) Barbershop 3: The Next Cut is sometimes referred to by the title Barbershop 3: A Fresh Cut.

And, in hindsight, I should have pointed out last month that Love & Friendship is being released by Curzon Artificial Eye – which means you are more likely to see it in arthouse cinemas such as Curzon cinemas, and the Picturehouse and Vue chains – rather than at Odeon or Cineworld. The same is perhaps true of this month's Tale of Tales.

Update: Happily, Love & Friendship is now being listed on the Odeon website - although only in a dozen cities.

For those interested in seeing Central Intelligence - officially opening in the UK on July 1st - there are some preview screenings 29th and 30th June.  

Not included in the magazine are this month's “Event Cinema” special screenings and the like. This, however, is what's happening in June 2016:-

  • 3rd June 2016 – Hamlet: Royal Shakespeare Company Live

  • 10th June 2016 – Discover Arts: Leonardo Da Vinci

  • 10th June 2016 – Globe on Screen: The Merchant of Venice – Shakespeare's Globe

  • 17th June 2016 – Il Barbiere Di Siviglia – Glyndebourne 2016

  • 24th June 2016 – Globe on Screen: Richard II – Shakespeare's Globe

Here is the link to my latest newsletter (which is a download of a little under 16MB):-

I'm looking forward to going to the cinema a bunch of times in June 2016 and I hope you are too. If you make it to the pictures this month – I wish you, as ever, a very good time. Happy viewing!

For trailers for most (or all) of the above mentioned films, see below:-

Adult Life Skills:-

Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story):-

Barbershop 3: A Fresh Cut (or The Next Cut):-

Cemetery of Splendour:-

Crazy About Tiffany's:-

Elvis & Nixon:-

Embrace the Serpent:-

Fire at Sea:-

Gods of Egypt:-

Holding the Man:-

Housefull 3:-

Independence Day: Resurgence:-

Learning to Drive:-

Long Way North:-

Ma Ma:-

Me Before You:-

Miracles from Heaven:-


Mother's Day:-

Only Yesterday:-




Tale of Tales:-

The Boss:-

The Conjuring 2:-

The Girl King:-

The Keeping Room:-

The Measure of a Man:-

The Nice Guys:-

The Secret Life of Pets:-

Versus: The Life and Films of Ken Loach:-

When Marnie Was There:-

Where to Invade Next:-


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